July 31, 2021


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Stand a chance of winning $5000

The ‘Jollof Faceoff’ seeks to celebrate the love Nigeria and Ghana have for Jollof Rice. It is more than a competition; it is a showcase of our cultures, our uniqueness, and our unbridled passion.

We plan to evolve, from not just the ‘Jollof Faceoff,’ but into holding Food Festivals and having Jollof Cookouts as well as other amazing events that everyone can participate in and enjoy.

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Featuring reps

Country Representative


Hilda Bassey

Hilda is an amazing cook and a businesswoman with a thriving food business called ‘My Food by Hilda’.

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Ghana, Nigeria, Face-off.

Some say neither country should even lay claim to being the Jollof superstars because the dish originated from Senegal.

The sister countries of Ghana and Nigeria however seem unfazed about the true origins of the dish, as they have owned it and given it its now iconic status – Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey have even been dragged into the famous Jollof Rice battle!

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